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Business banking platform with all-in-one functionality.
Our mission is to turn the financial world on its head.

Riverinnovfin Banking Platform

Next Generation software solutions for any type of Bank.

With an agility of a fintech and support of a large group, we design tech solutions for financial institutions worldwide to provide services accessible to each of us, everywhere, anytime.


Powerful features keeping you and your data safe and private


Create the ideal version of your digital bank with all the desired services. Bypass the complexity of underlying integrations to launch new products 10x faster.

Lending Businesses

Automate your loan and repayment workflows while reducing the risk of defaults to an absolute minimum with credit scoring and account aggregation.

Consumer Payments

Enable transfers & settlements between consumer accounts on an actual or virtual basis, be it within the same institution, inter-bank, or inter-wallet.

Commercial Payments

Allow your partners/SMEs to distribute money to their vendors, service providers, agents, & customers, automated and with a single integration.

Gig Platforms

Offer instant or scheduled payouts to your gig workforce using any financial instrument. Optimise their cash or credit lifecycle for utmost satisfaction.

Finance Management

Facilitate smart and intuitive solutions to make finance management for your consumers or businesses, a truly personalised and enriching experience.


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