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Create virtual bank accounts on the go for simplified collections & reconciliation. Reduce collection costs by 5x!

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NBFCs &Fintech Lenders

Facilitate simple payment collections for your customers

You will have safe and secure access to your online account with Two-Factor Authentication (PIN, OTP, and Biometrics), a security layer that adds protection. We provide a more decisive second factor of authentication to help protect your online identity.


Riverinnovfin gives you control over when money is collected and distributed. Our automated processes are more accessible with the cloud, APIs, and mobile devices.

Innovation's Spark

Flexible financial flows with real-time payments give you more power and creative freedom. Even balance-holding is possible with the help of a virtual wallet.

Customizable APIs

Reach the market quickly by creating a simple account-to-account payment API. A robust tech stack and thorough documentation remove obstacles for Riverinnovfin.

Effortless dealing!

Organize your finances in one convenient place so you can keep track of what you've sent, acquired, and received.

One Swipe, All your Business!

Swipe away your worries with Riverinnovfin!

Riverinnovfin is there to help you keep track of your financial accounts in one convenient place. Multi-platform banking requires careful planning and preparation.

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Your own unique account designed just for you!

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Business Communities

Connect your exisiting current account with leading banks on a single click.

Enterprises of All Sizes

Transfers, spending, and financial management can all be done quickly and easily via the APP or Web Dashboard.

The Big Business

Automate and empower your whole business process with simple-to-integrate banking APIs.